Sneaker Shields Review #1

posted Dec 20, 2010, 6:43 AM by Daniel Eusebio   [ updated Jan 29, 2011, 1:04 PM ]

Eight years ago, I used to be really obsessed about avoiding creases on my shoes.  Eventually, I gave in and just accepted that creases are bound to happen, no matter what.  Shoes are meant to flex.  So there is this product called Sneaker Shields.  Its purpose is to prevent creases at the toe box area of sneakers.  I was really skeptic about this product, especially with the fact that there will be some discomfort of having them inside the shoes as I wear them.  So for my first entry, I will go over my initial wearing of Sneaker Shields in my Nike SB Dunk Lows.

The particular pair that I chose were the “Tiffany” Diamond Dunks.  They already had pre-existing creases in the toe box, but the main thing I was looking for was whether the toe box would retain its shape with every step I took.  So I took out the insoles and inserted the Sneaker Shields, then re-inserted the insoles.  I slipped my feet in and walked around for a bit.  The Sneaker Shields did what it was advertised for, and prevent most of the toe box from flexing.  I went on to wear them for about five hours that day.  They were fine at first but after a while, I started to feel discomfort with my right pinky toe as I walked.  However, when I sat down for a while, the discomfort slowly went away, but started back up when I started walking again.  I am pretty sure the other factor was the heel-slip that I was encountering as I walked.  I have never experienced this issue in the past.  The last thing I need to mention is when I took the Sneaker Shields out of my shoes after five hours of wear, that there was perspiration on the bottom side of the Sneaker Shields.  This would probably turn into an issue of mold and mildew growth in the long run.  So it is advisable that after wearing a shoe with Sneaker Shields, the user should check for perspiration and clean it off with soap and water, or use an antibacterial wipe.

Overall, as I mentioned, Sneaker Shields did do what it was intended to do.  They do mention on the card that came with it, that cutting the area where the pinky toe may be necessary for comfort.  If there is discomfort, discontinue use immediately.  I know that I definitely need to cut the area where my pinky toe is located at, but for the meantime, I will be leaving it as is since I will be testing Sneaker Shields in different sneakers that I own.

We Became YouTube Partners

posted Dec 13, 2010, 5:54 AM by The Camera Guy   [ updated Dec 14, 2010, 6:41 PM ]

We just recently became YouTube Partners! After getting the email from YouTube the day after my birthday, I was ecstatic. We actually applied for partnership a couple weeks prior thinking we wouldn't hear until January. However, we heard back from YouTube after a couple of weeks and I was amazed.

It took about three months to reach partnership. What first started out as a crazy idea, my own brother didn't want to do, has finally come into fruition. All I gotta say right now, is that we're pushing to be the BEST YouTube Channel focused on Sneaker Restorations/Reviews/Everything Else.

- The Camera Guy

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