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Cleaning Elephant Print

posted Jan 29, 2011, 1:06 PM by Daniel Eusebio   [ updated Jan 29, 2011, 1:35 PM ]

With the recent re-re-re-release of the Air Jordan 3 Retro in the White/Cement Grey colorway, I'm pretty sure you'll eventually run into this problem later down the road. This is a pair of 2003 Retros that I acquired back in November 2006. I remember winning the eBay auction for about $50 shipped. Only to get the shoes a month later with the box tattered and just taped up. Let alone there were some blood stains on the leather, which easily came off. This type of material is basically just nubuck with elephant print on it. Many people urged that suede and nubuck should never touch water for fear of causing damage to the material. However, I am a very experimental person. So I went with my trusty basic cleaning method, which is basically dishwashing soap and a brush.

The area needs to be damped with cold water. Then apply a small dab of dishwashing soap and gently brush the dirty areas. Rinse was cold water, pat dry with a dry towel, and use an electric fan to dry the material. The end result should look like this.
It only took one cleaning attempt to get these results. Multiple attempts may be necessary and results will vary depending on the severity of the stains. I have run into a of Black/Cement Grey 3's that were totally unaffected by basic cleaning. So make sure to take care of your shoes to keep them looking their best