Sea Glow & Midsole Swap: Restore Your Sneakers

posted Jun 15, 2011, 11:21 PM by The Camera Guy   [ updated Jun 15, 2011, 11:50 PM ]

We recently started a new segment called Restore "Your" Sneakers. Now the concept behind this was to find YouTubers that were doing sneaker restoration/cleaning in their videos. We wanted to create a platform to recognize individuals who were giving back to the sneaker community by risking their sneakers and giving advice on how to keep their kicks looking fresh. Fortunately, we were able to find two stand up individuals to kick off our new segment.

The first individual was optimusp517. Now, most of you already know who he is. He's recognized for his indoor sea glow videos. First of all, there aren't many sneaker restoration videos available on the web except for one type. In particular, the sea glow restoration videos are actually quite numerous. However, many of these videos only present the outdoor method. Optimusp517 actually shows the indoor sea glow process.

Sea Glow Tutorial

Just when you thought indoor sea glowing was all he did, he actually separated the soles of the Air Jordan 11s in order to sea glow them more effectively. My brother and I had only postulate this technique, but optimusp517 was actually going about doing it, which we thought was awesome. So if you haven't heard of optimusp517, head on over to his YouTube Channel and support him.

The next individual we wanted to highlight actually came as a surprise. We were recently searching through YouTube trying to investigate if anyone had started working on any midsole swap projects. To our surprise, we found djraw2158. Now during this time, we had barely gotten through a couple of parts in our restoration project. We weren't even at the point of completing the project. On the other hand, this guy, djraw2158 was already on part 5 of his restoration project on the midsole swap of his black cement 4s. We were amazed by how this individual took some of the knowledge we already laid out and just ran with it.

Midsole Swap Project

It's really hard to explain the awesomeness of his initiative. Plus, he's filming all of his progress. As we take our time finishing our project at restoremysneakers, you best bet that djraw2158 will beat us to it. You can head on over to his channel and find his video. He too is also open for questions.

So there you go, two awesome YouTubers who are giving back to the sneaker community. Who's going to get featured in our next Restore "Your" Sneakers segment?

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