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About Us

The purpose of restoremysneakers.com is to educate and help those who are unaware of how to take care of their sneakers. Everyone knows that sneakers are not cheap, and some sneakers may never come back out again. In the end, it's all about saving one pair at a time.

-Daniel (dalyte1)

I've been taking care of my shoes since I was 9 years old. I would only get one pair of shoes for a whole school year, so I had to take good care of them. As the years went on, I learned various methods in restoring and cleaning sneakers.
I've written and managed a Cleaning Tips Compilation thread on Niketalk.com back in 2002-03. From 2003-2009, I managed a Restoration/Cleaning FAQ as well as the Sneaker Doctors (2007-09) usergroup on Sole Collector Forums. I also contributed in creating Restoration and Cleaning Guides.

-Danny aka The Camera Guy

Hey guys, I'm probably the last person that should be talking about shoes, so I leave that up to my brother. I've never actually been very interested in shoes, but I wanted to help my brother get some videos and a website up. If you've seen our Youtube Videos, I'm the guy that actually films the stuff. I work with dalyte1 on the dialogue and the focus of the angles. Last but not least, I also work on the photos and the website. 

Becoming YouTube Partners

Our Story
My brother and I worked together to become YouTube partners near the end of summer last year. I had just recently finished college and came out unemployed with my engineering degree. Trying to keep myself busy, I decided to look for a way to make money through the Internet. I knew people were making money from YouTube as partners, but it was like a Unicorn. It didn’t really exist or it was impossible to find one.

I had a few ideas for a Channel (shout casting for StarCraft II was one of them..but I couldn't see myself being absorbed for hours into an addicting game). However, I never knew if they would ever take-off. A Channel had to be focused and for the most part, the people in the Channel had to be knowledgeable. I kept scouring the Internet for ideas.  Oddly enough, our million dollar idea wasn’t that far away at all. I walked past my brothers room one day thinking of ideas and noticed him looking at his sneakers. It was then, that the idea of a sneaker channel hit me.

I would not take NO for an answer. I ran the idea to my brother as soon as it hit me. He said NO. His excuse was the fact that many YouTubers were already doing videos on sneaker reviews and sneaker restorations. Fortunately for me, I love doing research and I wanted to show him we had potential. I decided to scour the subject of sneakers and restorations on YouTube and gazed at the communities efforts. Sadly and to my surprise, I found that something was lacking.

High definition never looked so good. Yes, many videos in this niche had little to no HD content available. I knew for a fact that if we were to start a new channel, we could quickly gain momentum by providing valuable information with high definition content. Plus, my brother and I had an advantage. Two heads are better than one.

Having a “partner” in your journey to Partnership, is a lot easier than flying solo. My brother and I had two very different interest. He was interested in sneakers and I had a hobby for film. Fortunately our two interest happen to mold together very well and we pushed forward. To be honest, we help push each other during the difficult times we lose motivation. I always remind him that we need to film, and he always comes up with the subject content for our films. And we can always bounce ideas off each other to produce better content.

It took 3 months, but we quickly became partners after applying in November. Today we are still growing and making headway in our particular niche. However, the journey is long and hard, and that is why I have asked the questions I mentioned above.

Our hopes and dreams:
1. To become the best sneaker/sneaker restoration related YouTube Channel out there.
2. To obviously generate revenue from our efforts. It would be cool if it could turn into a day job. Right now this seems more like a weekend job with very little return.

Has it been worth it?
I think I’ve learned so much from this experience of becoming and working as a YouTube partner, that even if we were to drop the whole Channel at this moment, I would leave with such valuable experiences. But I’ve been getting tired as of late.

Like many of you, you probably work normal jobs. I finally picked up two part-time jobs a few months back and it has made filming for our channel difficult at times. I’m always so burnt out that I find little motivation to film. Honestly, it’s the positive comments we get from our viewers that remind us why were are doing what we are doing.

There are days when I dream that I wish I could just focus and film 1-2 big videos a week. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will be possible. In addition, I’ve been researching our channels potential viewership number. Sadly, the numbers don’t look too promising (at the moment). One of the top YouTubers in our niche has almost 30,000 subscribers. We are far from that number. Even if we were to get there, we probably still wouldn’t be pulling the revenue I would hope.

Something I think about:
I look at our small channel like a little egg (golden egg) that will hatch someday. We nurture it, keep it safe, and keep it warm. It might be a year, two, or even five before it hatches. But regardless, one day it will hatch and whatever happens to come out, we will greet it with open arms.