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General Cleaning

Restoremysneakers first started out by restoring a pair of 1994 Air Jordan 1 Retros. The goal was to illustrate multiple restoration techniques on a single sneaker. The one key practice in general cleaning was simply using soap and water.

Now, when we first started, we were criticized about how much water was used in the video. We are well aware of it and have modified our cleaning techniques to use much less water. In addition, we have shown in past videos other techniques to use little to no water at all.

General Shoe Cleaning

Before you start any cleaning process, you want to get normal dirt off your shoes. Start by using a small screw driver to remove dirt clumps and debris off the soles of your sneakers. Afterwards, use cold water to soak the soles of your shoes. While using a brush and dish washing soap, gently scrub the bottom of your sneakers to clear any left over dirt that did not come off.

To clean the midsoles, I use a magic clean eraser soaked in water. When cleaning the midsoles, I start gently by soaking the eraser in water and applying light pressure on the midsoles. 

To clean the toebox, I also use the magic clean eraser. While cleaning this section, make sure to avoid water build up in the shoe. So place a paper towel inside your shoe at the toebox to prevent anymore water saturation in that area.

Last, make sure to air dry your sneakers with an electric fan. Ensure that the fan is blowing air inside the sneakers to get them dry. (Avoid using a blow dryer, as this may cause the glue that holds the shoe together, to melt. The same goes for using hot water.)

This process takes a good 30 min to an hour depending on how dirty the shoes you are. You may have to do this process a second or even third time to try and get it clean.

Cleaning the Tongue

When cleaning the tongue of the shoe, you will need a small brush, dish washing soap, and a dry towel. 

1. Soak the tongue with cold water
2. Place the Towel to prevent water from entering shoe
3. Apply a bit of dish washing liquid
4. Scrub gently as to prevent tearing 
5. Continue Process until satisfactory results occur
6. Make sure to clean the backside of the tongue.
7. Use the same process
8. As you finish scrubbing, make sure to wash the tongue off with cold water and gently squeezing any soap suds that might be left behind. You want to try and get all of it out.

Note that this may not clean your shoe completely, depending on how dirty your shoe tongue is. We will be using another method to continue cleaning these Air Jordan I 1994 Retros

Cleaning the Tongue using Spray n Wash

In this video, we continue the cleaning process on the tongue. Unfortunately, using soap and water wasn't enough and we needed to take the cleaning to another level. In this episode, we use Spray n Wash on the tongue and let it set for about 20 minutes in order to let the chemicals do their work. As you let the Spray n Wash set, you can use a toothbrush to spread the chemical around, just be careful not to soak the tongue tag.

Cleaning the Insoles

In this video, I show you how to clean the Insoles. When cleaning the insoles, you don't have to do anything out of the ordinary. The first step is to run the faucet hot for a minute and soak the insoles. Next, apply dish washing soap or detergent to the insole. Once applied, use a small brush and gently scrub the insoles. 

Throughout the scrubbing process, you may need to wash off the soap, and apply more soap and scrub again till you get satisfactory results. In the case the insoles don't clear up to your liking, you can try using Spray n Wash. Similar to the previous video, you apply the Spray n Wash and let the insoles set for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, you want to scrub the insoles and wash them out.

Note: If you're logo is still present on the insole, make sure to scrub around it or you may find it missing later.