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The sauce is a product you can use to reverse oxidize the yellowing that many popular sneakers experience. In particular, the midsoles and rubber soles of shoes, over time, become yellowed. There are very few products that claim the ability to restore the original color of midsoles and rubber soles, and True Sole Restoration Sauce! will work on those problems.

This product is also an alternative to Sea Glow for reversing the oxidation on the popular clear soles found on the Air Jordan 11 shoes. Using the proper technique will give comparable results to the blue stuff.

Contrary popular to belief, this sauce is really not secret. You can create your own home brew version known as Retr0bright. We even provide a tutorial on our YouTube Channel. However, this blend we are selling is different.

This version of the product does not require any mixing of chemicals and ingredients. The bottle is ready to go and apply.

The product ONLY comes in 4oz bottles. Each bottle will be enough to work on up to two pairs of Air Jordan 11 clear soles, if that is the goal of your project. For most, 1 bottle should be enough. However, we recommend ordering two bottles to save on shipping cost and to take advantage of discounts we have.

Unlike the blue stuff, our product is easy to apply on the affected areas. You have less worry of dripping the product on other areas of the shoes.

To use product on the clear soles of shoes, make sure to visit our YouTube Channel for tutorials on how to use the product.

A good product is useless without technique! - restoremysneakers