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Is the Sauce Better than Sea Glow?

I can't really determine that. It's more of something you need to decide on your own. Our product works on more than just clear soles. It's easy to apply; it's easy to clean. The sauce will work on yellow midsoles and rubber midsoles. If those things justify a better product than Sea Glow, then maybe it is.

Does the Sauce work faster than Sea Glow?

We don't know. It's based on your technique. You will get visible results in a 1-2 hour sessions with the sauce.

What's the difference between Retr0bright & Sauce?

Both Retr0bright and sauce perform the same function. They reverse the yellowing/oxidation that occurs on shoes. However, the sauce is NOT Retr0bright. Retr0bright is a homebrew effort originally created to un-yellow vintage computer parts. We were able to re-purpose and test Retr0bright to work on vintage sneakers with yellowing. You can learn more about it here:

Their site contains other recipes and information that may help you in your effort to restore your vintage sneakers. 

Does the sauce work on the Air Jordan 5 Clear Sole?

Yes, it works but results take longer to see than Air Jordan 11 clear soles. As always, it depends on how yellow the soles are to begin with.

Does it work on the Air Jordan 5 Netting?

We don't know yet. We have tried it on the netting but have not gotten any visible results. We still need to come up with better techniques to see if it actually does. You can actually defog the netting on the AJ5 by using a hair dryer. This will help to lighten the dark yellow color on the shoe.

Does the sauce cause traction loss?

No. The product does not directly cause traction loss. It is the "technique" that is used which can cause traction loss. By exposing the soles to high temperatures and direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, you will lose traction. Make sure to follow the techniques explained in the tutorial video to avoid this as much as possible.

Does the sauce work on the mesh on the Air Jordan 11 Concords?

NO. The sauce will cause the mesh to yellow. We do not recommend it.

Does it work on the clear soles of Foamposites?

We have not tried the sauce on foamposites, but the product should work on any type of clear sole.

Will the sauce work if you've already sea glowed your shoes?

Yes it will still work. This is where the sauce may outshine sea glow.

What is the purpose of the cling wrap?

The cling wrap prevents the sauce from drying out. From our test, it has no adverse effects on the soles of the shoe.

Does sauce work on the patent leather like on the Columbias?

We don't know yet. We do not have a pair to try it on.

Does the sauce have an expiration date?

No, but I would recommend using it within the next 6-12 months. Plus, make sure to store the sauce in a dark, cool place.