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Using Sauce

To use product on yellowed midsoles & rubber soles

1. Pour product into a paper plate or small container.

2. Use paintbrush to apply the product.

3. Place shoe's affected area in direct sunlight for 30-45 min.

4. Carefully wash shoes with water and a toothbrush & let dry.

To use product on clear soles

1. Pour product into a paper plate or small container.

2. Use paintbrush to apply the product. AVOID traction pods.

3. Place sarana wrap over the sole of shoe, using the patent leather, if present, as something to stick on.

4. Place in sunlight for 30 minute sessions to 1 hour sessions.

5. When done, remove wrap and wash the soles of the shoe with water and a toothbrush. Let dry.


1. AVOID getting product on other parts of the shoe. For example, suede, nubuck, leather, white mesh and even colored midsoles. The product will stain or even strip the paint off areas if it sits for long periods of time. If you get the product on these areas, try wiping it off with a cloth and using a little warm water to remove it.

2. SOLE SEPARATION is something that MAY occur if you leave sneakers outside for prolonged periods of time in high temperatures. For example, it might be 95 degrees outside, but the surface temperature of the sole can reach almost 120-130 degrees. These temperatures, over time, will weaken the glues bond on the soles causing sole separation.

If you experience sole
Example of Chemical Burn on Soles of Shoe
separation, take shoes out of sunlight. Quickly wash off shoe of the product being careful not to get water in separated area. Then use a shoe lace to clamp down the area that's separated. You can even hold it yourself. What you are trying to do is reattach the sole using the original glue before it cures.

If clamping the shoes does not work, you will have to use either Barge Cement or E-6000 to re-glue the soles of your shoes. We recommend Barge Cement.

3.CHEMICAL BURNS will occur when using our product on the soles of the shoes. This will be indicated by a white, almost surface burn on the soles of the shoe. Do not worry, these white burns will go away after the soles are washed and allowed to dry for an hour or two.