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Indoor Sauce Techniques for Air Jordan 11

posted Jul 21, 2011, 4:09 PM by The Camera Guy

In this video, we show you two more technique you can use to sauce your shoes. The first one we discuss is the indoor technique. The indoor window technique gives you the ability to work longer on your shoes. This is because the temperatures are much lower inside your house or apartment (hopefully). As a result, you can keep your shoes in direct sunlight for an hour or two more.

The last technique shown is the indoor light setup. The indoor light technique requires two clamp light fixtures, which you can purchase at a local hardware store. In addition, you will need two repti-glow bulbs which emit UV-A light. I have suggested black lights, but I can't vouch for it at this time since I haven't tested them.

The downsides to using the indoor lighting technique is the prolonged exposure to UV rays. Overtime, the heat and the UV rays will strip the traction off the soles of the shoes. So even if you cover the traction pods, the rest of the soles will also lose traction. That's why using the outdoor technique in short burst gives you the best and fastest results.

Ten hours underneath a UV light is equivalent to two hours outside in direct sunlight. This was based on my experience with the sauce.