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Restitching the Toecap: Air Jordan 4 Midsole Swap Project

posted Sep 25, 2011, 10:22 AM by The Camera Guy

In this episode, we finally get back to the Air Jordan 4 Midsole Swap Project. We know its been a few months since we last tackled this project. However, we're finally getting back into the groove and we'll soon be completing it. The purpose of this video is to show you how to restitch the toecap on the Air Jordan 4. Honestly, it isn't difficult to do, you just need the right tools to accomplish this.

The main tool you need is a sewing awl. Yes, you're going to get your Martha Stewart skills on. You can easily find a sewing awl on eBay,, and arts & crafts stores. Just do a quick search online. In addition to the sewing awl, you will need, hopefully, the original thread that was on the recipient pair. If not, you can find some embroidery floss at an art & craft store. The last thing you will need is beeswax. No, not that stuff in your ears. The beeswax is needed to strengthen the thread while restitching. If you don't use it, you risk clumping and damaging the thread.

You start by running the main thread, that will appear on the outside, through the actual needed of the sewing awl. You insert it about 2 inches through. Then, starting on one end of the toecap, you push in through the thread hole. Afterwards, you want to pull that 2 inches of thread inside the toecap, while pulling the sewing awl back out to the right. Next, move on to the next hole. As you insert the needle into the next hole, a loop will form. At this point, you will need the other string. This string will be inserted through the top of the loop.

After you have placed the second string through the loop, pull the sewing awl back out with the same motion. The inside string should be secured. Continue the process to each hole and continually placing the internal thread through the top loop. Finally you get to the last hole.

When you reach the last whole, you will insert the sewing all, but at this point, you will pull whatever remaining slack you have into the inside of the shoe. 

This process is best watched then read. I tried my best. I know some of you might be wondering, how do I restitch the sole back to the upper. You will use the same process, but it will be challenging. First of all, you can't see very well inside the shoe. Plus, you have to align the holes on two different parts. Hopefully, they line up. We will try to show this process when we near the completing of our project.

Stay tuned for that.