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Air Max 1 "Grand Piano"

In collaboration with Jay Chou and his store, Phantaci, Jay designed a pair of Air Max 1's based on a grand piano. The initial drops were released only at Phantaci in Taiwan, which happens to be a Tier 0 store. There were 400 pairs released. They were debuted with a special pink box that says "Piano" as well as a bracelet and lace tag. Apparently the demand was so high that they were re-released but in a normal brown Nike box. However, they're only available in Taiwan. So they're still fairly hard to acquire unless you buy them through eBay or an overseas website.

The shoes feature a mix of leather and patent leather uppers. The ankle liner is a pink velvet material. Even the insoles are detailed in print with piano keys. The laces used are Nike SB laces and not the usual standard flat laces that most Nike shoes come with.

This is actually my first pair of Nike Air Max 1's. What drew me to this pair were the materials and the placement of the colors. The design is not too loud and not too subtle in my opinion. It feels very balanced. Definite kudos to Jay Chou and Phantaci for creating a really nice pair of shoes.

Below is a short unboxing video for the pair I got in the mail.

Below are some hi-res photos of the shoes. Enjoy.