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Nike Air Force I "Jose Rizal Philippines Edition"

Nike Air Force I "Jose Rizal Philippines Edition"

Back in 2006, I remember stumbling upon a sneaker blog about these shoes. Right off the bat, I did not like how the shoes were done. Maybe it was the photos they took, who knows. Apparently only 500 pairs were made available worldwide. I did have a chance to purchase them online, but opted not to since the website was charging over $250 plus shipping, and my credit card at the time was set a maximum of $300. On top of that, I did have a job at the time, so I would not have been able to pay it off.

Fast Forward to 2009, someone on a sneaker forum was selling a pair for $200 shipped. Of course they're used, but they were in pretty good condition, and at that price, it was a really good deal. If the shoes needed cleaning, then it would be no problem since it's obviously my expertise. I believe the only other website I saw them on was Fight Club, and they only had a size 8 and 8.5 for about $350 I believe. I wear a 10 in Air Force I's. So I ultimately contacted the seller and made arrangements to purchase the shoes. Now you would think everything would be fine and dandy and I would get my shoes in the mail...

The one thing I never thought could happen to me, happened. The post office lost my shoes. It was during the middle of April. I remember checking the Delivery Confirmation online and it said the shoes were at the post office. I finally got to the post office around 3:30pm after work. I was really excited for these shoes. Checked the mailbox and there was a package slip. I took it to the office to pick up my package. After five or seven minutes, the clerk could no find my package. She ultimately ruled out that they might have put the slip in my box by accident. So I was bummed and hoped for tomorrow, however, when I checked the delivery confirmation online late that evening, it said the shoes were delivered at 9:32am, which is 2 minutes after the post office usually opens.

At this point I'm not happy, but I tried to stay optimistic. I went the next day with a print out of that page as well as a printed pictures of the shoes. The clerk checked again, couldn't find anything. I was gradually getting upset by the minute. After 10 minutes, she tells me to move to the side since there were a lot of customers accumulating. I asked for the postmaster and she said he just left. So I asked her if he can call me back and try to figure out what happened to my shoes. I leave my information and left the post office, pissed off.

A day goes by, no contact whatsoever from the postmaster. I go back to the post office to ask for the postmaster. The clerk tells me that he leaves at 3pm. There's basically no way for me to talk to him in person unless I call in from work.l The clerk tells me she'll let him know the first thing in the morning to give me a call. I told her to tell him to leave a message because I'm proctoring a test at the time, and that I would call back once the test was over.

The next day, I finally get a call from the postmaster. He was apologizing for not contacting me right away (he gave excuses of being on vacation and crap). I kept my cool and explained my frustration about the issue. I lost $200 because of it, and they wouldn't pay me for "their" mistake. The postmaster blames me for not purchasing insurance when I purchased the shoes. I was furious. Every purchase I made soon after, I made sure it was through UPS. If the seller only shipped through USPS, I was forced to add insurance. 

To close up this story on a good note, I finally managed to acquire a pair in November of 2009 for $240 shipped. The condition wasn't as great as the pair that was lost, but it was restorable.